Instructor Led CrossFit Class

Our instructor led CrossFit classes are available to all.  Classes are based around a Workout of the Day (WoD) and generally include mobility, strength, skill and cardiovascular elements.  Whatever the workout, everyone can participate and work at your own pace and ability.

For those new to CrossFit or looking to develop their skills, we also run CrossFit Basics classes which follows a similar structure to the main workout but has some movement changes to accommodate those still developing the basic movements of CrossFit.

Thursdays and Saturdays are team workouts where we group 2's, 3's or 4's and work through a workout together.  These are fantastic fun and allow members of similar abilities to encourage and help each other through the challenge.

Self Development

CrossFit romsey is also the home of FitStop Romsey.  FitStop offers more traditional gym equipment and is available for all CrossFit Romsey members to use.  Our members can use the facilities of FitStop Romsey to work on specific areas of development, either with a CrossFit focus or whatever their goals may be. 

For more details on FitStop Romsey visit the website at FitStopRomsey.co.uk 


Open to members and non-members

Our running club has been set up by a small group of members.  They meet on a Sunday morning for a run around Romsey then stop after for a chat, drinks and biscuits.  

This is open to all, members and non-members and all standards are welcome.  We run at a pace that suits all and often find small groups split out at different paces to allow those faster runners to move at their pace while those slightly slower move at their pace.  The pace each week depends on those attending but its a fun run and no one is here to race!



Open to members and non-members

Our rowing class, led by our Go Row coaches will allow attendees to get a great rowing workout.  This class covers set-up and technique work to ensure maximum efficiency and output when rowing.  The rowing class is a mix of rowing and body-weight based circuit exercise and available to all fitness levels.  The class includes tempo rowing, interval rowing, rowing to music and much more to make it a fun and energetic workout.

Rowing classes are limited to the number of rowers we have (which we hope to increase) so check the schedule and book a slot to get involved.


CrossFit Romsey is more than just a gym, we are a varied community and all share an enjoyment for staying fit and healthy while having fun.

If you wish to discuss membership options please get in touch and we will find something to suit your needs.

There is no minimum contract period with CrossFit Romsey, you manage your membership through Teamup which can be used to pay and register for classes.

Current membership options and prices are as follows:



Unlimited CrossFit - unlimited CrossFit classes and use of Open Gym for a couple

Monthly cost


1 per week

1 per week - 1 CrossFit classes per week and use of Open Gym

Monthly cost



Drop-in fee for single CrossFit sessions - ideal for those travelling or can not commit to regular sessions.  Can be purchased in blocks too

Individual cost



Unlimited CrossFit - unlimited CrossFit classes and use of Open Gym

Monthly cost


CrossFit Basics

2 CrossFit Basics classes per week.  A great introduction to CrossFit with close supervision (£10 for drop-in)

Monthly cost


Rowing Class

Rowing Class with focus on getting the most from a rowing workout

Individual cost


3 per week

3 per week - 3 CrossFit classes per week and use of Open Gym

Monthly cost



Open Gym - unlimited use of Open Gym.  See FitStop Romsey website

Monthly cost


Running Club

Running club meets Sunday at 9am.  No charge.  Usually a 3km and 6km route

Individual cost


Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  If for whatever reason we feel you are a poor fit for our program and culture, we will politely decline a membership.


Billing: You will be billed through the TeamUp system, our preferred method of payment is credit or debit.  All other payments methods are subject to approval on a case by case basis.  If your payment is late by any means (cc decline, no payment, etc.) your TeamUp account will be automatically frozen, meaning that you will not be able to book in or attend until that payment is met.


Membership changes and cancellations: Please submit all membership queries via email to crossfitromsey@gmail.com, any verbal conversations need to be confirmed by email; we cannot be reasonably expected to remember the details of every conversation.

If there is any chance of you not being able to use the full term of your membership then purchase a plan with a shorter commitment as there are no refunds under any circumstances.

Plans are on auto re-new and cancellations must be received by email 14 days before the end of your current commitment.


Fire Policy: In the event of a fire, upon hearing the sound of the air horn or a verbal alert, you must leave the building in a safe and efficient manner and congregate by the sign in the car park. Do not attempt to gather possessions upon evacuation or return to the building to gather possessions until instructed to do so by the Head Coach.

There is strictly no smoking permitted in the building.


CrossFit Inductions: If you have no CrossFit experience or insufficient experience to safely participate in our classes or alone in open gym, one or more one to one inductions or CrossFit Basics classes is mandatory until you are ready for the main class.

We retain our right to see this first hand for ourselves and ensure that you have the tools to be safe. Current charges can be found on www.crossfitromsey.co.uk 

If the small group induction classes are inconvenient then you will need to book in for these with one of our trainers at the standard hourly rate.


Privacy & Security Policy: CrossFit Romsey keeps your personally identifiable information secure. Only authorised employees, agents and contractors (who have agreed to keep information secure and confidential) have access to this information. All emails and newsletters from our sites allow you to opt out of further mailings. CrossFit Romsey will never sell, trade, rent, exchange or otherwise share your personal information with any other person, company or organisation.

CrossFit Romsey are responsible for this website and any transactions made through our website. Any purchases on the CrossFit Romsey website will be made securely (SSL) through the TeamUp system.

CrossFit Romsey may take photo or video recordings while members are training.  These may be used on the CrossFit Romsey website and social media advertising

Changes to these Terms & Conditions: When any updates are made all athletes will be informed via email advising them to check www.crossfitromsey.co.uk

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