2020 CrossFit Open Completed

Friday 8th November saw the last workout of the 2020 CrossFit Open at CrossFit Romsey.

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide event that takes place over 5 weeks. Every Friday morning over 5 weeks a workout was released to the CrossFit community for athletes all over the world to participate in.

This is a great event and many of our members took part. Some of our members entered online in to the worldwide competition but if not, they all took part in the workouts and had a great time. Over the 5 week period, the workouts challenged multiple aspects of CrossFit; strength, stamina and skill and we saw so many members push themselves and achieve things they've not been able to before.

At CrossFit Romsey, we aimed to get as many members as possible in on a Friday night to complete the workouts. The atmosphere was great, members encouraged each other and rewarded themselves with a takeaway after to relax and recover. Pizza, Indian, Thai and Fish and Chips were good rewards after a tough workout!

Warming up for box jumps and clean & jerks

Burpees. No-one likes burpees!

How was the workout Tom?

Handstand push-ups challenged many!

Rowing, wall balls and muscle-ups for the final weeks' workout

A first time ring muscle-up!

Work hard, play hard. Indian after week 4!

Neil gets his first ring muscle up in the final workout, cheered on by others in the gym!

Now the CrossFit Open is complete, the gym is ready to take our members through a new phase of training ready for next year!

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