Barbell Club - Speciality Class

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

December 2019 sees the launch of Barbell club as an additional class for our members. This class will focus on improving Olympic lifting capabilities.

CrossFit involves a lot of Olympic lifting movements, primarily focused around the snatch and clean and jerk but also the accessory moves supporting those lifts such as overhead squats, power cleans and more. Olympic weightlifitng is difficult and requires strength, mobility and the skill to execute the move with good firm.

This class will help develop all areas of the athletes Olympic lifts. We will work with PVC pipes and light bars to develop mobility and skill and sometimes put some heavier weights on the bar to help with specific parts of the lift. We know our athletes, we know where they need to develop and we will help with that development.

These are smaller classes than our CrossFit class to ensure that the athletes get the focus of the coach.

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