CFR February Throwdown

On Sunday 23rd February, CrossFit Romsey hosted a same-sex pairs competition and welcomed teams from a range of CrossFit facilities around the south coast. The competition included 5 workouts and was perfectly balanced with 10 male and 10 female teams. The workouts tested athletes for fitness, strength, skill and agility as you would expect with CrossFit; the workouts were as follows:

Workout 1a:

- Person 1 - tabata row for maximum distance

- Person 2 - 3min row for maximum distance

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Workout 1b:

- Clean complex. Establish a maximum weight for 1 clean, 2 front squats and a jerk.

Workout 2:

A sprint for time of:

- 21 down ups

- 15 synchronised barbell thrusters

- 9 rope climbs to 12ft

Workout 3:

AMRAP with 12min time cap of:

- 80 wall balls

- 70 Toes-to-bar (scale option for 2x ab mar sit-ups)

- 60 box jump overs

- 50 single DB shoulder to overhead

- 100ft single arm overhead walking lunge

Workout 4:

A sprint for time of:

- 1000m ski-erg

- 50ft handstand walk (scale option of 150ft wheelbarrow with feet on partners shoulders)

Workout 5 - Strongman medley:

Athletes could do this workout at any point during the day. The workout allowed 60secs to work through as many lifts as possible of:

- 3 x bag over shoulder 40/20kg

- 2 x single DB ground to overhead 35/20kg

- 2 x bag over shoulder 70/35kg

- 1 x axle bar clean and jerk 60/35kg

- AMRAP for remaining time bag over shoulder 90/45kg

All the athletes did brilliantly and pushed themselves really hard. Well done to all those that came, we really hope you enjoyed yourselves and we hope to welcome you back soon!

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