CFR Members Battle Cancer

October 19, in London‘s Olympia venue, two mixed teams of CrossFit Romsey members joined well over 1,000 people in a fun and inclusive fitness event all in the name of raising money to help fight cancer.

The BattleCancer event is team based with options for either 4 males, 4 females or a mixed team. The event is fun fitness and everyone can get involved as this is a competition where the cause is what counts, not the scores.

We are so proud of our members for getting involved in such a fantastic cause. There were two teams of four athletes, three members volunteering to help organise and judge and several more members who were there to support. Many members of the CFR community sent messages of good luck throughout the day. This truly is a community to be proud of!

Members, families and friends have supported this cause and helped raise in excess of £1,300, but this number is set to increase as there is still a little more planned and donations are still possible at the link below:

#BattleCancer #weareCrossFitRomsey

The end of a great day. Competitors and supporters...judges still working!

Deciding whether or not to buy some new trainers...

Every workout started like this.

Final workout...partner carries!

Time to celebrate at the end of the day

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