CFR Running Club Growing Strong

Several months ago, a small group of CrossFit Romsey members decided to meet on a Sunday morning and go for a run while training for a running event at Broadlands. Now, that little group of members has grown and is a fun and inclusive group that meet at 9am every Sunday for a fun run.

Until now, the run was always around 6km but today saw the addition of a second route, 3km with a mix of 3mins run at the slowest pace and 1min walk. This supports those that want to get involved but didn't feel ready for the 6km route. In time they may build to the 6km route but if they want to continue the 3km route that is also ok - we're just pleased to see people getting active.

This run is not exclusive to members and we have a mix of members and non-members. If you want to get involved, get in touch and come on down - there are drinks and biscuits available after as a reward for getting up on a Sunday!

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