Mobility Focused Class

CrossFit as a sport requires mobility to execute all of the movements.

Mobility is not just about being able to move through a range of motion but to also own that range of motion by being strong throughout it. In every day life, many injuries are the result of simple things like reaching to a high shelf, picking something up off the floor or twisting a little more than usual. If it is not an injury, we often find that people just accept pain as the being 'normal' for them - this should not be the case! Improving mobility and strength through movements can take time but with the correct knowledge and dedication, we believe everyone can move well.

All of our classes include a mobility component to ensure that athletes are ready to complete the main workout, however we recognise that some members would value a dedicated mobility session.

The mobility class is a 45min session and limited to a small group of members. The session is largely led by those attending the class and is a chance to discuss specific areas where maybe they feel tight or want to just understand how they can move better.

Using simple techniques, members will learn how to improve mobility, warm up correctly for specific movements and generally move and feel better.

This range of motion requires the whole body to be moving well

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