New Class - CrossFit Basics

We appreciate that when people want to get involved in CrossFit, joining a main class can be daunting to many. It can also be more risky as there are some complex moves in CrossFit so we do not want people to join a class and try a move before they have the skill, which may result in injury.

CrossFit Basics runs in parallel with the main CrossFit class, following the program but the movements are modified slightly to accommodate those new to CrossFit or looking to develop their skills. Those attending CrossFit Basics will have close guidance from a coach.

This class is available to all, existing members (included in membership) or those interested in trying CrossFit. For those trying CrossFit, you can continue to attend this class until you and the coaches feel confident enough to progress for you to progress to main classes.

Come along now and try CrossFit at the drop-in rate of £10 per session.

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